What Do Reviews Say About Freeze 12 Refrigerant?


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The reviews on Amazon.com regarding Freeze 12 refrigerant are mostly positive, with a few critical reviews mixed in. Most customers that bought the product were happy because the product supposedly doesn’t contain any chlorofluorocarbons. Most complaints are unsubstantiated; for instance, one critic complained because he bought the wrong product.

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One of the reviewers on Amazon.com is happy because the refrigerant stayed in the car for long without need for replacement. Users also tout this refrigerant as superior because there is no need for oil

replacement when using the product. The product also suits old cars with positive cooling results and no comebacks. Many users like the product because it is a legal refrigerant that is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means users can buy the refrigerant without any restrictions.

The harshest critic on Amazon.com says the refrigerant didn't work on the car. However, another user points out that the refrigerant only works well if the user removes the original refrigerant and a deep vacuum is performed. A user also complains that the refrigerant is single use only. Once the can is open, a user has to use everything or waste it. This is because the seal for closing the can uses pressure to stay closed.

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