What Do Reviews Say About Extended Warranties for RVs?


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Reviews on extended warranties for recreational vehicles vary greatly, notes WheelingIt. While some purchasers come out ahead with warranties that pay out for repair work, others claim that warranties have traps and loopholes that allow the company to avoid paying for repairs. Other complaints about extended warranties for RVs include the expensive cost, not providing the expected coverage, and not living up to their value, according to RV-Dreams.com and Love Your RV!

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Reviewers note reasons for purchasing an extended warranty on an RV as peace of mind on unexpected repair costs, increasing the resale value with a transferable warranty, avoiding repair shop costs and replacing high-ticket items, according to Love Your RV! To get the best value for the cost, Love Your RV suggests contacting an RV insurance broker instead of simply choosing the warranty the dealer recommends.

Options preferable to buying an extended warranty on an RV include putting money aside each month for potential maintenance or repair issues as self-insurance, recommends WheelingIt. However, items to consider before deciding on a self-insurance method include the age of the RV and the amount of potential savings each month versus the cost of big repairs. Manufacturer warranties typically cover more than after-market warranties, making them the preferable choice when available.

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