What Are Some Reviews of Rensselaer Honda?


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Reviews of Rensselaer Honda are mixed; some customers report satisfaction with the dealership's customer service and sales departments, while others cite issues with purchased cars, expensive repair bills and negative interactions with staff. Rensselaer Honda receives a 2.8 star rating from nearly 170 customer reviews on Dealerrater, but has a 4.9 star rating from 20 customers on Cars. Based on experience, 38 percent of customers on Dealerrater recommend Rensselaer Honda for sales and repairs, while 20 out of 21 reviewers on Cars recommend this dealership for services.

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As with most car dealerships, Rensselaer Honda receives some positive feedback and some critical reviews. Satisfied customers on Dearlerrater and Cars report having friendly and knowledgeable sales staff on hand to expedite and personalize their car buying experience. Some customers note sales staff worked with them to make a purchase financially feasible. Others appreciate the staff's sincerity and honesty in regards to vehicle conditions and pricing. In addition to sales, customers cite a fast diagnosis and quick repairs for problems that arise.

Negative feedback includes complaints about price of repair and service bills. Some customers attribute inadequate knowledge of sales staff as reasons for their negative reviews, while others report buying problematic cars from this dealership, then bearing the cost and responsibility of requisite repairs.

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