What Are Some Reviews for Mastercraft Touring LSR Tires?

Most online reviews for Mastercraft Touring LSR tires are generally positive, with many people giving them high marks when it comes to features such as dry traction, comfort, wet traction, steering response, noise level, style and tread wear. Some reviews from verified owners on VulcanTire.com give the tires four stars and below, saying that they are not happy with features such as cornering predictability, hydroplane resistance, light snow traction and ice traction.

VulcanTire.com's overall rating for Mastercraft Touring LSR tires is 4.5 stars out of five stars. One verified owner who drives every day says that he is pleased with the tires, while another, a taxi driver, says that they are very good for all purposes. Another commuter says that he drives 1,800 miles on average every month and the tires serve him well, recommending them to others.

A different verified owner disagrees, stating that the wear is average and his tires have dislocation on the side walls. A daily commuter who drives a 2002 Subaru Forester says that he bought the tires because of durability and is pleased with the price, traction and handling, but complains that the tires produce some noise, especially when he drives at speeds above 40 miles per hour.