What Do Reviews of Mastercraft HSX Tires Say?

Most reviewers on TreadDepot.com and Amazon.com state the Mastercraft Courser HSX tires fair well on roads, highways and off-roads in different conditions, but one reviewer states the tires do not perform well when driving over 70 miles per hour. Most reviews state the tires ride smooth and quiet.

A common positive remark reviewers on TreadDepot.com and Amazon.com make about the Courser HSX tires is that they have an excellent tread life. Reviewers used the tires on a variety of trucks, and all of them experienced excellent traction. One reviewer on Amazon.com states that the lesser-known Mastercraft Courser HSX tires are comparable to name-brand tires. Most reviewers also say that they would purchase the tires again.

As of 2015, the Mastercraft Courser HSX tires come with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, and drivers can return them to the manufacturer within 45 days of purchase should they find an issue. Although most reviewers have installed the tires on light-duty trucks, Mastercraft designed the Courser HSX tires for use with sport utility vehicles to provide drivers with a comfortable ride in any season. Through a carefully engineered design, the Courser HSX tires can respond quickly to driver input and prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions.