What Are Some Reviews for Maaco Car Painting Services?

A majority of reviews for Maaco car painting services tend to be negative, but there are mixed and positive reviews as well. Reviewers on Consumer Affairs complain about poor quality painting, lack of refunds and delayed work while there are positive reviews for customer service and friendly prices.

As of 2015, the reviews for Maaco car painting services on Consumer Affairs are mostly negative. One reviewer complained about poor quality painting that had several coats of primer and paint runs. Other reviewers mentioned poor sanding and prep work that led to paint falling off. There are complaints about bubbles in the paint, failure to paint all vehicle parts and dents after repairs.

Several reviewers complained of the lack of refunds after poor quality painting. There are negative reviews for delayed work and failure to adhere to deadlines. Many reviewers mentioned that Maaco car painting services take too long to paint vehicles. One reviewer complained of dishonest managers who postpone collection dates without informing the customers. Some reviewers mentioned missing vehicle parts after painting.

Several positive reviewers mentioned that Maaco car painting services have friendly and knowledgeable staff. One reviewer mentioned skillful technical experts who deliver perfect repair and painting services. There are positive reviews for its prices and reuse of undamaged vehicle parts during repair and painting. One reviewer mentioned that the provider lowers prices for return customers and referrals.