What Are the Reviews for KTM Motorcycles?


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A majority of reviews for KTM motorcycles are positive, but there are also negative and mixed reviews. Many reviewers mention that the motorcycles are reliable, safe and comfortable to ride, while others complain of poor ergonomics and limited speed on some models.

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The reviews for KTM motorcycles on Motorcycle.com are mixed, but a majority of reviewers give them four out of five stars. Several reviewers mention that the motorcycles have high-quality steel wheels that are suitable for all types of road. Some reviewers state that the motorcycles have a stunning design, stylish finish and motors with a strong, wide power band.

One reviewer states that KTM has excelled in transforming an off-road biased bike into a compelling and highly rewarding dual-purpose machine that is fast and easy to ride. Other reviewers mention that the binders are excellently designed to provide a wide range of modulation to suit the varying levels of braking required in different situations. Others mention that the seats in various models are inclined at 32 inches with fairly mounted foot pegs, making it suitable for tall riders.

However, some reviewers complain about the limited speed of various KTM motorcycle models. One reviewer complains that the motorcycles have a wide tank that forces riders to place their legs far apart when riding. Other reviewers complain of poor headlights and shroud, which make the motorcycles difficult to ride at night.

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