What Are the Reviews on Jeep Cherokees?

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee has received mixed reviews from most critics, as reported by automobile review aggregator US News and World Report. Many reviewers find the Cherokee is highly capable in off-road driving, but also feel it has poor handling characteristics on paved surfaces.

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee ranks 17th of 27 Affordable Compact SUVs in US News and World Report's rankings, which are determined from a survey of vehicle reviews from multiple sources. Almost all reviewers praise the Cherokee's off-road abilities as above-average for the class and in line with its Jeep heritage, but many feel this prowess comes at the price of the vehicle's on-road handling. These reviewers find the Jeep's ride on paved surface comfortable, but steering response is numb as compared to that of some of the Cherokee's competitors. In addition, many reviewers find the base Cherokee's inline-four engine wanting for power as compared to the optional V6 engine.

Reviewers have a more positive consensus regarding the Cherokee's interior appointments. Most feel both the standard cloth and optional leather upholstery are attractive and comfortable, while the optional infotainment systems perform well and are easy to use. However, some reviewers also note that the 2015 Cherokee's cargo space is not as ample as that of other SUVs in its class.