What Are Some Reviews of GT Radial IcePro Tires?

GT Radical IcePro winter tires receive poor reviews, but they are much cheaper than other tires of similar quality. The general sentiment of the reviews is that these tires are cheap and low-quality, but it is better to have cheap winter tires than no winter tires.

Brand-new GT Radical tires have mediocre handling but perform similarly to other cheap winter tires on ice and snow courses. The downfall of cheap winter tires is that they wear more quickly, have less handling ability and are noisier than higher-quality winter tires. At most, cheap winter tires last two winter seasons before customers have to replace them. In comparison, winter tires with a higher level of quality can last as long as five or six winters. Customers pay less for GT Radical tires now, but they have to replace their tires more often.

Compared to similar cheap winter tires, such as Firestone Winter Force or General Ultimax Arctic, GT Radicals perform similarly and wear down at a similar rate, but are significantly cheaper. The manufacturers of GT Radical tires copied the tread pattern from General Ultimax Arctic tires. As far as cheap winter tires go, reviewers suggest GT Radicals are the best option because of the lower price.