What Are Some Reviews for the Barrett Jackson Car Auction?

Reviews for the Barrett-Jackson car auctions are mixed; some people praise the exciting and diverse stock of cars, while others complain about poor food and a lack of customer service. Numerous reviewers comment on the sheer size of the auctions and suggest allowing two or three days for browsing.

Car enthusiasts express the most excitement about the Barrett-Jackson auctions, praising the impressive array of rare and expensive vehicles. At the Las Vegas auction, one attendee praised the skill of the auto restoration workers. Several commenters recommended attending the opening gala event in Scottsdale, while several others commented positively on the energy and talent of the live auctioneers.

A common theme among Barrett-Jackson auction reviews is the size of the event. Multiple people complained about the long walk from the parking lot to the auction hall in Scottsdale; another suggested paying extra for the valet parking service.

Many of the negative reviews for Barrett-Jackson auctions focus on the food, saying that it was overpriced, rarely served fresh and overall of low quality. People who attended the Scottsdale event mentioned the overwhelming amount of options and off-putting carnival atmosphere of the eating area. One reviewer advised other attendees to eat before they arrive.