Are Reviews of the Audi A4 Generally Positive?


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User reviews for the Audi A4 on WhatCar.com, as of December 2015, are generally positive, where customers note the good gas mileage, excellent handling and powerful engine. Other reviewers offer the opposite opinion complaining that the size is too small, handling is not good and that the company kept the car a long time for simple repairs.

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The overall user rating is four out of five stars with very few negative reviews. Most buyers claim they receive 30 to 47 miles per gallon, depending on how they drive the car. Customers say that the cabin is very quiet while driving and is very comfortable on long journeys. One reviewer, who makes reference to his tall height, says that there is not enough space because the pedals are offset. Another four star review states that the pedals are offset too far to the right, but that it is easy to get used to.

One reviewer writes that when their airbag light kept appearing and the car was sent to Audi, the company held it for two weeks to make the repair. Additionally, a five star review expresses that the car is nimble while cornering, particularly for such a large car, and that the suspension is a dream. An opposing opinion says the handling is not very good and that the A4 is very slippery and dangerous on ice.

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