What Are Some Reviews of the 2015 Tesla Model S?


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Most of the reviews about the 2015 Tesla Model S electric car are positive, but there are some doubts about the car's design. Many reviewers praise the car's construction and engineering, but some express anxiety about the range and reliability of an electric vehicle.

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The majority of reviews about the 2015 Tesla Model S suggest that the car is quiet, economical and easy to drive. However, reviewers point out that while the Tesla Model S is significantly lighter than the previous model, the acceleration, braking, and cornering performance are all worse. Reviewers also criticize the number of times that the car needs to recharge on a long trip and suggest that the materials in the interior of the car are of a lower quality than those in the previous model.

Still, most reviews focus on the positive aspects of the 2015 Tesla Model S. Many reviewers point out that the car still has a 240-mile range and that there are an increasing number of Supercharger stations, which allow drivers to completely recharge their cars in about 20 minutes. One reviewer argues that the price of the Tesla Model S is still too high, but another reviewer observes that the high cost often comes from optional embellishments and that electricity is much less expensive than gasoline.

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