What Do Reviewers Say About the Chevrolet C-4500 Truck?


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A majority of the reviews for the Chevrolet C4500 truck on CarAndDriver.com tend to be negative, but there are some mixed reviews as well. Many people find the truck to be overpriced, although others commend its towing capabilities at low speeds.

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Many reviewers on this site find the truck to be overpriced and complained of inadequate power on the highway. Additionally, several reviewers complain that when compared to other trucks in its class, the C4500 is priced too aggressively and lacks the features of more reasonably priced trucks. One reviewer notes the high point of the C4500 as its impressive towing capability at low speed for plowing his field.

A review for the Chevrolet C4500 on TruckTrend.com highlights many positive aspects such as its smooth gearbox and plush interior. The reviewer enjoys the new software, which allows for the truck to detect various loads to make more seamless adjustments to the shift pattern. This also improves gas mileage by more efficiently utilizing each gear. The reviewer notes that the inside of the truck features electronically controlled leather seats as well as a big screen DVD player.

While the reviews of the C4500 truck are mixed, most of the positive thoughts focus on minor additional amenities, while the drawbacks include bigger issues such as price and speed.

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