How Do You Retrieve Keys Locked in Your Car?


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Retrieve keys locked in your car by using an extra key mounted to the underside of the car in a magnetic box. If this is unavailable, call roadside assistance, a tow truck service, a dealership or a local locksmith for lock-out service.

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The easiest way to retrieve keys from a locked car is to have an extra set handy. Magnetic boxes can be mounted securely to the underside of the car and often save the day. Carrying an extra set in your purse or leaving them with another person whom you can call in case of an emergency can save yourself the expense of calling a locksmith.

Roadside assistance is often provided free of charge while your car is under warranty. Adding the service onto your insurance policy can save you time and money when locked out of your car. Tow truck services often provide the same services and can get you back into your car quickly and easily.

Using the vehicle identification number on the dashboard of the car, some dealerships can make a key that opens the car door. This key does not start the car, preventing theft. Locksmiths can use a car's key code to make a new set of keys.

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