How Do You Retread Light Truck Tires?


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The first step in retreading light truck tires is to inspect the tire for any irreparable damage. Once it is deemed safe, buff the tire to take away the old tread and reveal the undertread. Recap the tire with new rubber, and balance it. Cure the tire and imprint a new tread design. Perform a final inspection to confirm that the tire has a sufficient grip and can drive reliably.

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Retreading light truck tires is an eco-friendly process that reuses 90 percent of tire materials. Additionally, it costs 20 percent of the total cost of making an entirely new tire. Tires can be retreaded more than once, and doing so can cut a driver's out-of-pocket tire costs by around 40 percent. Retreaded tires are commonly used not only on light trucks, but on race cars, buses and airplanes.

Different countries have their own regulations concerning the production and use of retreaded tires. In the United States, the Department of Transportation demands that each retreaded tire be marked with a DOTR number that indicates what company performed the retreading and when it was performed. Europe insists that all tires that have been retreaded pass the same load and speed tests required of newly manufactured tires.

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