What Are Some Retailers That Sell Wheel Visualizer Custom Wheels?

What Are Some Retailers That Sell Wheel Visualizer Custom Wheels?

Retailers that use the Wheel Visualizer tool to sell custom wheels include CustomWheelsVA.com, DiscountTire.com, BigOTires.com and DiscountedWheelWarehouse.com, as of 2015. Each site utilizes the tool to offer users the ability to view the appearance of custom wheels on a vehicle to submit a purchasing request to the retailer.

CustomWheelsVA.com features the Wheel Visualizer tool on a dedicated page of its site, where users can enter the exact year, make, model and submodel of a vehicle and then enter the compatible wheel sizes to initialize the tool. This displays a digital version of the car in question with options to select a custom set of wheels and determine the cost for the shop to complete the order. Users are able to make payments at any of the retailer's physical stores as well as online.

DiscountTire.com requires users to enter a state of residency before accessing the tool to determine if Discount Tire operates a retail store in that location. Residents of states that do not have a Discount Tire store are still eligible to purchase the custom wheels through the company's online store, which includes variable shipping rates.

BigOTires.com operates the Wheel Visualizer tool through an external website that offers a wide range of other vehicle customization options in addition to wheels, including both custom rim and tire selection options.

DiscountedWheelWarehouse.com offers multiple versions of the Wheel Visualizer tool that support specific vehicle configurations and models, including trucks and sport utility vehicles.