What Are Some Retailers That Sell Truck Weigh Scales?


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TruckScales.com, Scales-4-Less.com and WalzScale.com all off-truck weigh scales in their inventories. TruckScales.com offers both new and used truck scales, including motor truck scales and axle scales. The company also offers a lease-and-purchase package for qualified buyers.

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Scales-4-Less.com categorizes its truck scales by type, including portable pad type scales for single and dual wheels, portable platform scales, multiaxle big rig and trailer scales, and on-board loading and weight-checking scales. The company also sells platform truck and trailer scales with ramps and scale indicators and printers. WalzScale.com offers grain dump truck scales, standard truck scales and heavy-duty truck scales, among other types of scales for the trucking industry.

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