What Retailers Sell Prius Battery Replacements?


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The Toyota dealer sells replacement Prius batteries new, and retailers such as The Hybrid Shop and CARiD sell refurbished battery packs. The expense of a new battery, which is around $5000 as of April 2015, makes purchasing a refurbished battery or having the existing battery reconditioned an attractive option.

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Federal requirements mandate that Toyota cover the operation of the battery for a minimum of 80,000 miles, because of its importance to the powertrain, and Toyota exceeds that coverage by offering a warranty of 8 years or 100,000 miles on the hybrid system. After that, the options are expensive if the battery goes out.

A refurbished battery pack is available from CARiD for about $1300 as of 2015, but an even less expensive option is battery conditioning. The Prius battery uses the same nickel-metal hydride chemistry that mobile phones and remote control cars use in their batteries. The Hybrid Shop is one provider of a service that cycles and monitors battery modules, one by one, until each has proper balance and as much as 95 percent of its original capacity and power. The Prius has 28 modules, and conditioning a battery often costs less than one-third the retail price of a battery, or about the same as a refurbished battery. The advantages include keeping the original battery out of a landfill or other waste facility, as well as the price.

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