What Retailers Sell Automatic Transmission Shifter Cables?


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Automobile parts specialty stores like Advanced Auto Parts and Autozone sell automatic transmission shifter cables. Online retailers such as Summit Racing also sell shifter cables.

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Automatic transmission shifter cables link the shifter handle directly to the vehicle's transmission. A malfunctioning shifter cable renders the shifter useless. These malfunctions are typically due to the failure of the keeper located at the end of the shifter cable or the cable stretching too far. Actions like quickly shifting gears or roughly putting the car in gear can speed the stretching of a shifter cable, and oftentimes it stretches until it finally snaps.

Signs of a stretched automatic transmission shifter cable include difficulty placing the car into park or trouble turning off the ignition or removing the key. Snapped cables allow the shifter to move freely into any gear, but the transmission does match its movements. It remains in the last gear it was in before the shifter cable snapped.

To test for a snapped automatic transmission shifter cable, put the car in park, and disengage the emergency brake. Attempt to manually push the car forward. If the car moves, the transmission is not set to park, and the brakes are not engaged. This indicates a likely snapped shifter cable. This test should only be performed if the vehicle is located on flat ground to avoid any damage to the vehicle or surrounding property.

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