What Retailers Offer on-Vehicle Tire Balancing?

What Retailers Offer on-Vehicle Tire Balancing?

Butler Tires & Wheels offers on-vehicle tire balancing as a way of increasing tire tread life and ride quality. The company also ensures the driver does not experience vibration on the steering wheel. The company balances the complete tire and assembles the wheels of the car while simulating speeds of at least 120 mph. Butler Tires & Wheels provides these services in Marietta, Austell, Buckhead and Alpharetta.

Discounttire.com states that maintaining the balance on the car tires ensures clients get satisfactory service from their tire investment. The company identifies static imbalance and dynamic imbalance as the primary tire imbalances problems.

Static imbalance is as a result of a heavy or light spot within the tire that prevents even rolling, thereby causing an up-and-down motion. Dynamic imbalance is caused by unequal weight on either or one side of the tire, thus causing a side-to-side wobbling or wheel shimming. In addition, Discounttires.com also provides tire rotating and vehicle alignment services to supplement the tire balancing.

Amftire.com states that when a driver experiences his vehicle vibrating at certain speeds, say between 50 and 70 mph, it is because the car wheels are out of alignment. The company also explains that this problem could be because one section of the tire is heavier than the other, hence exposing the tire to more friction and heat on the road on one side than the other.

Additional signs that Amftire.com advises its clients to look for include scalloped or erratic wear patterns on their car tires and vibration on their seats or floorboards at certain speeds.