Which Retailers Offer Repair Parts for Alternators?


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As of 2015, a number of brick-and-mortar and online stores offer repair parts and kits for alternators, including Pep Boys, which sells repair kits, components, and relays for many vehicles. Amazon and O'Reilly Auto Parts sells dozens of different alternator repair kits for different vehicles.

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On the O'Reilly Auto Parts website, a user first specifies the year, make and model of the vehicle owned, and a list of available alternator parts compatible with the vehicle, such as alternator bolts or connectors, are shown in the search results. Similarly, at Pep Boys' website, a user must also put in the vehicle year, make, model and engine type to determine if a compatible alternator repair kit or group of parts is available.

On Amazon's website, dozens of different repair kits by Victory Lap are shown available for purchase. A user selects one of the repair kits from the search results, then confirms the type of vehicle owned to determine if that particular repair kit is compatible with the vehicle.

Specialty sites also sell alternator parts and repair kits. For example, at Alternator Starter Rebuild Kits, users can search by a list of available makes and models for which alternator kits are available. This particular site also comes with how-to videos, tips and ways to diagnose problems with the alternator.

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