What Retailers Carry Mini Bikes?

What Retailers Carry Mini Bikes?

Mini bikes can be purchased at Sears and The Home Depot. Sears carries Motovox and Monster Moto gas-powered mini bikes, as well as Razor electric mini bikes. Home Depot also sells both gas-powered and electric Monster Moto mini bikes.

Mini bikes available through Sears.com include the Motovox Mini Motor Bike with a 79.5 cubic centimeter valve engine and the Motovox MVX70 dirt bike with a 70 cc, 5.3 horsepower engine. Sears also sells the Monster Moto Real Tree Youth Mini Gas Bike, with a 2.5 horsepower overhead-valve engine.

Electric mini bikes available through Sears.com include the Razor MX350 Yellow Electric Dirt Bike and the Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Miniature Electric Motocross Bike. The Dirt Rocket is sold though Sears.com by Blue Marble Products.

Gas-powered Monster Moto mini bikes advertised at TheHomeDepot.com include the 79.5 cc Youth Mini Bike, available in both red and black, the Real Tree CAMO 80 cc Gasoline Youth Mini Bike, and the MM-X70 Pit Bike. The MM-X70 has a no-clutch four-speed transmission ideal for younger riders learning to ride geared bikes. The Real Tree CAMO also has an automatic transmission, and a top speed of 23 miles per hour.

Electric mini bikes listed on the Home Depot website include the RCH Racing MM-eRCH micro mini bike and the MM-E250 micro mini bike. Both bikes have rechargeable and replaceable batteries and built-in battery chargers, with run times of 45 minutes.