Which Retailers Carry Amsoil Oil?

Find Amsoil oil products at any Amsoil Product Center and online through retailers such as Synthetic Oil Sales and the Amsoil website. Unlike many other motor oil brands, Amsoil does not carry its products in larger retail stores.

By visiting the Amsoil website, users can quickly find retailers in their area that carry Amsoil products.

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Visit the Amsoil home page at Amsoil.com and click "Find Amsoil Near You" at the top of the page.

  3. Enter an address
  4. Enter an address or ZIP code in the space provided. Select the search parameters such as "Retail Store" or "Independent Amsoil Dealer." Click "Find Amsoil."

  5. Select a location
  6. Select a location from the list that appears on the next page. Contact each retailer for more details using the contact information.

Customers can find independent Amsoil dealers located across the United States. Finding independent dealers is as easy as using the steps listed above. Contact each retailer directly for pricing and availability.

Many independent retailers sell Amsoil oil for European-made engines, gasoline or diesel engines and two- or four-stroke small engines. Amsoil also makes synthetic fuel additives, compressor oil, filters, hydraulic oil and other products.

Synthetic Oil Sales sells Amsoil products on its website. As an authorized Amsoil dealer, Synthetic Oil Sales sells wholesale and has special pricing for preferred customers and dealers. Contact the company for pricing and availability.