How Do You Restore a Headlight Lens?

How Do You Restore a Headlight Lens?

To restore a headlight lens, apply electrical tape or painter's tape around the headlight, apply the abrasive compounds and lubricants, then buff the lens using abrasive pads or sandpaper according to manufacturer's instructions. Kits containing all materials needed to restore headlights are available at many auto parts stores.

  1. Place tape around headlight

    To protect the car's finish, place electrical tape or painter's tape around the edges of the headlight.

  2. Apply abrasive compounds and lubricants

    All major kits include the same basic materials. Apply the abrasive compound to a soft, clean cloth, and rub the cloth in a circular motion against the lens. It may be necessary to apply a second coat of the abrasive compounds. Wipe the compound off with a paper towel, and apply spray lubricant onto the lens with another clean cloth.

  3. Buff with abrasive pads

    The kits generally come with several abrasive pads or varying grits of sandpaper. Gently buff the entire lens for several minutes with each pad included in the kit, beginning with the pad that has the roughest grit. The last pad used should be the one with the finest grit.

  4. Clean and buff the lens

    The lens remains blurry until all of the compounds, lubricants and dust from scrubbing are removed. Using a clean cloth, gently rub the entire lens in a circular motion to remove these substances.