How Do You Restore a 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe?

When considering undertaking the restoration of a 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe, set a realistic budget for yourself to determine your level of commitment to the project; evaluate the extent of car repairs needed internally and externally; consult a professional mechanic, if you are able, to help determine the repairs needed; given a full list of repairs, determine the parts you need; and, finally, make your purchases to begin the restoration.

First, set a budget for yourself before you begin any restoration work. This allows you to determine the amount you are able to spend on parts, tools and professional labor. Evaluate the 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe’s body, frame and engine before making any purchases toward its restoration. Look at the extent of rust damage, as this determines whether or not the vehicle needs a new frame. If the car’s structure is in no way compromised by the rust, the frame may be repaired; if, however, the rust is so extensive that it has rendered the frame unstable, the entire frame must be replaced.

After the initial evaluation, if possible, take the Coupe to an auto shop that deals with classic cars on a regular basis in order to better understand what your car needs. Once the evaluation of the car is complete, purchase the parts and tools you have determined you need for the repair. It is recommended that you begin with the car's structure, followed by the brakes, steering, electrical system, paint job and, finally, the tires.