What Are Some Resources to Find Answers From Mechanics?


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Websites such as AutoMD, Ask Auto Pete and 2 Car Pros have answers from mechanics. On some of these websites, visitors can ask questions themselves and receive answers via email; other websites post questions and answers to them online.

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On AutoMD users can ask car-related questions. The questions are posted on the page, and other members of the website answer them. Several users may answer the same question. Users can sort questions by the time they were posted or updated and by make and model of the car.

There are many answers from mechanics on 2 Car Pros; they are sorted by topic, make and date. The website also allows users to submit questions for free. These may take some time to receive responses. Users receive emails with links to the answers. Users can also submit questions with donations that are answered quickly by certified mechanics, 2 Car Pros claims. The amount of donation is up to the user.

On Ask Auto Pete, users can submit car-related questions for free. To submit a question, users have to fill out their names, email, descriptions of the problems, and car makes, models and years. Users receive responses via email; they don't appear online. Customers can also donate money to the website, and questions with donations receive responses first.

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