What Are Some Resources to Find Airplane Seating Charts?


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Find airplane seating chart resources at sites such as SeatGuru, SeatMaestro and SeatExpert. These sites all offer seating charts and other information to help travelers find the best possible seats on major airlines.

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SeatGuru allows users to enter flight information in order to find information on seating charts for upcoming flights. The site also offers seating charts for all major airlines and airplanes, along with information on which seats are the most comfortable. Users can also view seat comparison charts to learn about seating differences between airlines.

SeatMaestro allows users to view seating charts for all major airlines along with information on which seats to seek out and which to avoid. The site also offers tips on choosing the best seat regardless of airline or airplane, as well as general travel and flying tips. Users can also share and read reviews of specific airline or plane experiences.

SeatExpert is a simple site that offers a large list of different seating charts for major airlines. While the site lacks the travel tips and customized information of SeatGuru or SeatMaestro, users can quickly browse through airline listings and click on plane entries to bring up comprehensive seating charts. The charts include information on best and worst seating locations, including which seats offer the most and least leg room and reclining capacity.

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