How Do You Reset the Oil Service Light on a BMW 5 Series?

How Do You Reset the Oil Service Light on a BMW 5 Series?

The oil service light on a BMW 5 series can be reset by using a special tool that plugs into the interior harness of the car. The switch acts as a diagnostics machine and allows the user to clear any codes the computer has created.

BMW 5 series use a condition-based system, or CBS. The CBS monitors all the service components of a vehicle and alerts the owner when one or more areas needs to be serviced.

Once services are rendered on the BMW vehicle, the CBS light will need to be reset. Under normal circumstances, the light would require a visit to the dealership, but this can be avoided by using a service tool.

There are two types of service tools that can be used on the vehicles. BMW cars built before 2000 require a simple plug-and-play tool that connects into the interior harness. Newer vehicles require upgraded diagnostic machines. The following instructions explain how to use these machines to reset the CBS light.

  1. Locate the interior plug
  2. The diagnostic plug will be hidden behind a plastic panel. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the panel and reveal the plug.

  3. Plug the machine in
  4. Plug the tool in. Cars built before 2000 will only require a reset button, but newer vehicles will need a BMW specific diagnostics machine. Connect the machine to clear the codes.

  5. Turn the car on
  6. Turn the vehicle on to ensure the light has been reset.