How Do You Reset the Oil Change Light on a Car?

To reset the oil change light on a car, turn the vehicle's ignition on, and press the Reset stick or button usually located on the dashboard, under the hood or close to the fuel gauge or speedometer. Then, switch off the car's ignition, restart the engine and check if the light is re-lit. If yes, repeat the process. Alternatively, call a mechanic or the car's manufacturer.

When turning the car's ignition on, ensure that the engine remains switched off. To do this, turn the key halfway.

If the Reset stick or button cannot be located at the usual places, check the owner's manual or call the customer service department of the car manufacturer to know the precise location.

After locating the Reset button, press it until the word Oil or a corresponding symbol begins flashing. Alternatively, check for other resetting signs such as "Reset" or "100" on the indicator lights. When these signs flash, switch the car's ignition off. After several moments, switch on the engine.

If the oil change light flashes even after three attempts to reset it, call the manufacturer to know the exact method of resetting. When contacting a mechanic, provide him with information regarding the year, model and make of the car.

If the location of the oil change light is within a computer, normally a special tool is required for resetting the light. In such cases, check the owner's manual to see if the light can be reset manually. If not, get the light reset by a mechanic.