How Do You Reset an Oil Change Indicator Light?

To reset an oil change indicator light, first turn the ignition to run, depress and hold the reset button, and start the engine to check the light. The location of the reset button and process of resetting may vary depending on the vehicle's make, model and year. However, the general procedure is the same for most vehicles.

Turn the key forward until all of the accessory lights come on, but not far enough for the engine to start. Locate the reset button, which is normally a button or stick protruding through the dashboard window near the speedometer or gas gauge. If you can't locate the reset button, it may be under the hood. Consult the vehicle's maintenance manual for the exact location.

Hold the reset button down until the indicator lights show a sign of resetting. This may be indicated by a flashing oil light or other accessory lights. Some vehicles may show the number 100, indicating 100 percent of the oil life is left. Other vehicles may display the word "reset" in capital letters. If your car's reset button is under the hood, get a helper to watch the display while you depress the button.

After a reset indication is detected, turn off the ignition switch for a minute, and start the engine. Check to see if the oil change indicator light is extinguished. If it isn't, verify the resetting process needed for the vehicle, and repeat the process.