How Do You Reset a KIA Sephia Check Engine Light?


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In order to reset a check engine light on a KIA Sephia, the computer will need to be connected to a code reader so the problem can be accessed and repaired. The check engine light turns on when the engine control unit reads an error code in one or more of the engine's sensors.

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A code reader is a special machine that reads the error codes a car's computer sends out. The following instructions explain how to use a code reader to reset the check engine light on a KIA Sephia.

  1. Turn the car on
  2. Turn the ignition key into the on position.

  3. Plug the code reader in
  4. Locate the diagnostic port, which is found inside the cabin of the vehicle.

  5. Scan the computer
  6. Press scan on the code reader to check the error codes.

  7. Record finding and reset light
  8. Write the error codes down and press clear codes to reset the light.

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