How Do You Reset the Honda Maintenance Indicator?


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To manually reset the Honda maintenance indicator for vehicles manufactured between 1994 to 1998, check the vehicle's dash cluster for a keyhole and then insert your key into the lower button. The process varies with different generational upgrades. The Honda maintenance indicator light was introduced in 1994, so cars manufactured prior to this period simply featured a red, clear panel.

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Car maintenance lights should not be ignored. They are designed to remind drivers to take their vehicles for scheduled maintenance. Resetting the maintenance light for Honda cars manufactured between 1998 to 2002 is slightly different but just as easy. Vehicles within this generation come with a trip reset button. Simply turn the ignition on, and hold down the reset button until the light starts to blink.

The process is also similar for vehicles manufactured between 2003 and 2007, except that drivers can depress the reset button without having to turn the ignition on. Doing this causes the light to blink and then turn off. Cars manufactured after 2008 come with a "SEL RESET" or "TRIP RESET" button on the dash, which controls the different maintenance alerts. To reset the indicator for these models, turn the car on and then hold down the "SEL" button. This will allow you to cycle though the different maintenance options.

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