How Do I Reset My Honda Accord Maintenance Light?

The procedure for resetting the maintenance light on a Honda Accord may vary depending on the year of the vehicle; however, many Accords utilize the same procedure. Begin by placing the key in to the ignition. Depress the odometer trip reset button and hold it in. Turn the key until the dashboard lamps turn on, but not start the vehicle. After about 10 seconds the maintenance required light should go out. Let go of the trip reset button, and turn the vehicle completely off. Start the vehicle to confirm that the maintenance lamp does not turn on.

  1. Insert the key into the ignition

    Place the key in the ignition, but don't turn the key or otherwise start the vehicle.

  2. Press the odometer trip button

    There are four settings for the ignition to engage: 0, I, II and III. Depress the odometer trip reset button first. While holding the button in turn the ignition switch to II. Do not start the vehicle.

  3. Wait for the light to go out

    With the dashboard lights illuminated, wait about 10 seconds for the maintenance required lamp to turn off while continuing to hold the odometer trip reset button down.

  4. Confirm that the maintenance required light remains off

    Once the maintenance required lamp has turned off turn the ignition completely off. You can now start the vehicle to confirm that the lamp remains off.