How Do You Reset the Air Bags Light?

To reset the airbag light, switch on the ignition of the vehicle, allow the light of the airbag to get illuminated and automatically switch off, and then turn off the ignition. After waiting for a brief period, switch on the engine of the vehicle, and observe if the airbag light switches on and then remains switched off.

Begin resetting the airbag light by inserting the key of the vehicle in the ignition. Then, bring the ignition switch to the On position. Observe if the lights of the airbag switch on. Wait for a few seconds for this to happen. Normally, the airbag lights remain switched on for a time period of seven seconds, and then automatically get turned off.

After the airbag lights switch off automatically, quickly bring the ignition switch to the Off position, and wait for a period of three seconds. Again insert the key in the ignition, and repeat this entire process twice more.

Next, switch on the vehicle's engine. The light of the airbag should get turned on for a period of seven seconds and then automatically switch off. The light should not get illuminated again after this. This indicates that the resetting process is successful.

Reset the airbag light only after all necessary repairs have been completed in the vehicle. When resetting, use a time piece that displays the seconds to note the waiting and illumination periods.