How Do You Research RV Values on Kelley Blue Book?

How Do You Research RV Values on Kelley Blue Book?

The Kelley Blue Book does not have a value section for recreational vehicles. However, NADAguides, which is a another authoritative company that offers values for vehicles, does have a section made for RVs and campers. In order to research values on NADAguides, go to the website, choose the RV along with its specific options and search for it.

NADAguides differs from KBB in terms by the process at which it places value on vehicles. Instead of basing the values on condition, NADAguides assumes the vehicle to be in good condition and prices them according to market demand and wholesale price. This often causes NADAguides to value the same vehicle higher then Kelley Blue Book. Use the following instructions to correctly use NADAguides to research RV prices.

  1. Go to the NADAguides website
  2. Use a browser to NADAguides home page.

  3. Choose the RV section
  4. Choose the RV section located on the top of the menu scree. It is placed in-between the motorcycles and boats sections.

  5. Choose the make and model
  6. Choose the make and model of the RV.

  7. Check out the options on the RV
  8. The following pages will host several options that can be checked. Check off each option that is featured on the RV in question, then click next.

  9. Observe the results
  10. The last page offers a rundown of pricing in dealerships or through private sellers. NADAguides also offers an average price, which shows the value the RV sold for.