What Are the Requirements to Transfer a Vehicle Title?


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Requirements vary between states, but some states require new residents to fill out an application for Certificate of Ownership and pay a title fee with the department of motor vehicles in the new state of residence. Individuals also go through their DMV to transfer ownership to family members.

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For new New Jersey residents transferring their out-of-state vehicle titles, those that have clean titles without liens need to go to their local Motor Vehicle Commission agencies, complete sales tax stamps, fill out the Applications for Certificate of Ownership, pay the title fees and receive title information receipts. Those that have titles with liens need to possess 15-digit NJ corporation codes (corpcode) for NJ titles, send forms to the lien holders, fill out sales tax forms and Applications for Certificate of Ownership and pay application fees.

For new residents of Ohio, an Out-of-State Inspection Form is available as part of the transfer process. In addition, some states, such as Oregon, charge late fees for new residents who do not transfer their titles within the time frames established by each state.

Residents of Denver can transfer vehicle titles to family members by going to their DMV offices and presenting endorsed titles, owner identification and vehicle identification number verification.

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