What Are Some Requirements for Getting a Car at a Honda Dealer?


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Some of the requirements for purchasing a car at a Honda dealership include having a license, good credit history and loan approval, if financing the vehicle. The majority of new car sales are purchased through a financing system, so if a new applicant fails to provide state identification or good credit, they will be denied from purchasing a vehicle.

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Although a car can technically be purchased without the use of a license, it is highly unlikely. A license is used a number of times through the buying process of a car, often to prove citizenship and residence. Also, the applicant will not be able to test drive the vehicle without a license.

A good credit history is also necessary. Most vehicles are purchased through the use of financing, which splits up the cost of a vehicle into separate monthly payments. Financing terms can last more than 5 years, depending on the dealership and contract. Applicants who fail to provide a good credit history will not be able to purchase the vehicle, unless they are buying outright.

Being approved for a loan is also optional, but required for most consumers purchasing a vehicle through financing. Without being approved for a loan, the buyer will not be able to afford the vehicle.

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