What Are the Requirements for Driving a Tanker Truck?


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Training and education requirements for driving a tanker truck include obtaining a Commercial Driver's License from a certified truck-driving school and passing the Tanker Vehicle Examination, which is a written exam. An individual often receives training for both through the company that owns the tanker trucks.

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What Are the Requirements for Driving a Tanker Truck?
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After obtaining a CDL and passing the exam, a company may pair an individual who is new in the tanker-truck-driving field with an experienced driver who acts as a mentor and additionally trains the individual. Training is ongoing due to continuous advances in technology.

To get a CDL, an individual must first get a commercial driver's permit. Obtaining the permit requires passing a written exam that is based off of information in the Commercial Driver’s Licensing Manual. An individual's driving record is also checked for the last 10 years. Most states require an individual to have a Department of Transportation physical to prove he is medically qualified to drive a truck.

To get a CDL, an individual must pass the skills test, which has three parts: a vehicle-inspection test, basic controls test and the road test. There are schools that offer training for the CDL for both the written and skills tests. Employers also offer training to obtain a CDL. To become a certified tanker-truck driver, an individual requires extra training than that for a CDL for safely managing liquid cargo.

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