What Is the Most Reputable Sailing Retailer in Duck, N.C.?

The most reputable sailing retailer in Duck, N.C., is Nor'Banks Sailing and Watersports; the company has been in business selling and renting watersports equipmentsince 1979and has a 4.5 star-rated profileon the Yelp website. The Yelp rating and thecompany's years in business confirms the company's reputation. It offers retail sales and rentals ofsailing, paddleboarding and watersports equipment.

Nor'Banks Sailing and Watersports ratings on Yelp are from current customers and cannot be changed, deleted or altered by the business. Ratings are from 2011 to the most recent post inJune of 2014.

The Nor'Banks' website reports that the company is the premier sailing and watersports operation. In addition to sales, the company offers sailingrentals, schools and camps.

Nor'Banks is the original distributor for Weta Trimarans,one of the original dealers of the Windrider Trimaran and the North American distributor for Topaz Sailing. The company also sells used equipment that was utilized in the previous years kids' programs or customer rentals. Nor'Banks sponsors, participates and hosts many community sailing events such as the Duck Cup Regatta, The Summer Sailstice and various summer sailing camps. For the latestinformation on the company's sailing inventory, visit the website.