How Do You Find a Reputable Repair to Fix a Dashboard?

While major dashboard damage may require a mechanic to replace the entire piece, cracks and holes can be repaired at home with the help of Sugru. First, choose a color of Sugru that will best match the dashboard. Next, roll the Sugru into a sausage shape that covers the width and length of the crack. Pat the Sugru until it is spread evenly across the crack and flush with the dash. Smooth cracks with soapy water and cure overnight.

To obtain a matching color, different shades of Sugru can be molded together. It is recommended to start with the lighter color as the base and gradually add the darker shade until the correct hue is achieved. Mold colors together by kneading the Sugru between fingers until fully incorporated. Whilst molding, fingers may become sticky; simply wipe them clean with a paper towel.

It is critical to pat the Sugru as flush as possible against the dashboard. The product bonds more efficiently when there is no space between it and the surface.

Sugru is a rubbery substance that bonds to any surface. When dry, it transforms into silicone that can only be removed by extracting it with a sharp knife. It is waterproof and can withstand temperatures from negative 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Sugru retails for around 25 dollars per eight packs.