How Do You Reprogram Your Key Fob?


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Reprogramming your key fob involves turning on the car, pressing the button to be reprogrammed and turning the car off. The precise steps to reprogramming a key fob vary by make and model, with some steps shared by many fobs. Reprogramming steps are often provided in a car's owner's manual.

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For security reasons, auto manufacturers do not allow fobs to be reprogrammed from outside a vehicle. Get into the car, insert the key into the ignition, and turn it to the On position. This should prompt some indication, often a flashing light on the dash, that the vehicle is in program mode. In some cars, you must turn the key to the On position several times before this occurs.

Once the vehicle is in programming mode, press the button on your fob that needs to be reprogrammed, thereby syncing the vehicle with the fob. Once this is done, turn the ignition to Off. The fob should be reprogrammed.

If your car has more than one fob, synchronize all fobs at once. Otherwise, sometimes fobs that are not programmed correctly or that are out of sync cause other fobs from the same vehicle to stop working. When all else fails, dealerships sometimes offer assistance in reprogramming fobs.

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