How Do You Get a Replacement Vehicle Key?


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To get a replacement vehicle key, visit the official dealership or a generic replacement location. Options directly from the dealer generally cost more money than keys from generic retailers such as Pop-A-Lock.

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A dealer that replaces a car key must enter the appropriate programming. Certain automobiles do not start unless there is an actively programmed key. This security measure is unique for each vehicle and key design. Contact a dealer via phone or visit the dealer and speak with a representative to obtain a vehicle replacement key. In some instances, dealers can provide keys that simply open car doors but do not trigger the ignition.

PopALock.com and CarKeysExpress.com offer information on how to obtain a replacement automobile key. For Pop-A-Lock, visit the website to select a location and find local locksmith experts. Select a specific state or view the complete list of locksmith retailers. The duplication process can take time, as an expert must program the electronic key accordingly. For CarKeysExpress, visit the website and search the map for active operations. Utilize the contact information to find direct phone numbers for the company. Contact the company to inquire about a specific key model and then visit the nearby retailer to obtain a replacement.

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