How Do You Get Replacement Parts for a Schumacher Charger?


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Buy replacement parts for a Schumacher charger at BatteryChargers.com. CenturyTool.net features the most extensive selection of parts. Amazon.com and eBay.com also list some parts for Schumacher battery chargers.

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At BatteryChargers.com, hover the cursor over the Products tab near the top of the main page, and then click Replacement Parts beneath the Accessories heading to list available parts. As of 2106, parts listed include several cigarette lighter adaptors and battery cord assemblies, a USB adapter cable, a ring connection cable and an A/C power pack. Click a listing for additional details or to buy a part.

At CenturyTool.net, type "Schumacher part" in the search box near the top-left of the main page, and then click the Go button to display a listing. Hundreds of parts are listed, including power cords, cable assemblies, switches, fan blades and controller boards. Refine the search by adding keywords to the search terms, if desired. Click a listing to display a larger photo and a description or to buy a part. Check out the accessories listed near the bottom-right of a listing; some of these may be needed to properly install the part.

At eBay.com and Amazon.com, use the search tool near the top of the main page to search for "Schumacher charger part." Add keywords to the search to refine the search results, or sort the listing on Amazon.com so that the lowest priced items are listed first to browse parts.

Some Schumacher user and instruction manuals include troubleshooting tips or part diagrams for Schumacher chargers. Find these manuals in the Manuals section on BatteryChargers.com or by searching for "Schumacher charger manuals" on the main page at ManualsLib.com.

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