How Do You Get a Replacement for a Lost Title at the DMV?

To request a replacement car title, visit the DMV or tag office in the county where the vehicle is registered. Required documents and forms vary based upon the title-holding state. Typically, requests are only processed for the person or persons listed on the title, and requests may be honored in person or by mail.

  1. Complete and sign the application form

    All owners listed on the title must personally sign the application. If a co-owner is unable to physically visit the tag office, he must sign the application prior to its submission and provide a clear photocopy of his driver's license.

  2. Retrieve vehicle identification markers

    Information regarding the vehicle is required to complete the replacement title application. Expect to provide the VIN number, vehicle make and model year, purchase date, current title number and current odometer reading.

  3. Pay for the replacement title

    Once the application is complete, pay the application fee, which can vary by state. For example, as of October 2014, a replacement title in Georgia costs $8, while North Carolina requires a $15 fee.

  4. Pay outstanding tax fees

    Prior to a new title being delivered, all overdue tax and insurance fees must be paid in full. Once approved, processing times vary based upon state regulations.