How Do You Get a Replacement Ford Key?

Authorized Ford dealerships can provide replacement keys for their vehicles with Intelligence Access keys, which require special programming to work properly. Read the locks and security information provided in the vehicle's manual before working with a dealership. Replacement keys can be programmed quickly in case of an emergency.

  1. Contact a local Ford dealership

    Ford dealerships have the tools available to create replacement keys. There may be a fee for this service. Drivers can shop around for the best deal if there is more than one Ford dealership in the area.

  2. Visit the dealership

    Most dealerships require the driver to visit the dealership to pick up the new key. Roadside assistance services may also be able to help pick up the new key. Drivers need to provide their vehicle identification number to the dealer. If picking up a new set of keys, be sure to take any extra copies with you so they can be reprogrammed or replaced.

  3. Wait for the key to be programmed

    The dealership works with the driver and provides them with the new keys. Each dealer may be a little different when it comes to how long the process takes, but they can provide the driver with an estimate.