How Do You Find Replacement Car Door Panels?


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Replacement car door panels are available from auto parts companies like JC Whitney and AutoPartsWarehouse.com. Coverlay, Sherman and Warrior are companies that specialize in manufacturing replacement door panels for older-model vehicles and newer cars.

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How Do You Find Replacement Car Door Panels?
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Replacement car door parts are also available from manufacturers. Manufacturer parts are guaranteed to fit your car and to be in good condition. For older cars, an auto salvage yard is a better choice. If you are rebuilding a classic car or an older model, search salvage companies to find rare or discontinued door parts.

Reasons for replacing a car door panel include wear and tear, accident damage, and the desire to customize a vehicle. To order a customized door panel from an auto parts supplier, first decide what color complements your car's interior. Choose a replacement panel that fits your car and that stands up to driving conditions like temperature and wear. Parts manufacturers give options for the panel material; leather and plastic are durable, attractive and easy to clean. Finally, decide what type of arm rest and padding suit your needs, and customize accordingly.

To replace your own door panels, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the old parts, including door lock buttons, armrests and window switches. Unscrew the panel from the door, and gently pry it away. Clean the surface of the door, and lubricate any moving parts. Next, position the new panel, and reattach all of the wiring. Make sure to work in reverse, and test all of the electrical parts to make sure they work, before bolting the new panel in place.

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