How Do You Replace Wiper Blades?

How Do You Replace Wiper Blades?

Replace wiper blades by selecting the appropriate refills, removing the old blades and installing the new ones. The process takes just minutes and improves your vision and safety when operating your vehicle.

  1. Select the appropriate wiper blade refill

    Consult the owner's manual for the appropriate size wiper blades for the vehicle. If the information is not readily available, use a tape measure to determine the correct length of wiper blades to purchase.

  2. Remove the old blades

    Lift the wiper blade off the glass until it catches. Fold a bath towel and place it on the glass to prevent damage if you accidentally allow the wiper to snap back against the glass. Pivot the blade 180 degrees. Find the retaining clips, and use needle-nosed pliers to squeeze them to release the blade. Slide the rubber refill out of the holder, and discard it.

  3. Replace with the new blade

    Insert the new blade into the same end of the receptacle from which you pulled the old one. Ensure the retaining clip activates to hold the blade in place, and rotate the blade so the rubber faces the glass. Remove the towel, and gently move the blade so the rubber is against the glass. Repeat the process for the second wiper blade.