How Do You Replace a Windshield Wiper Transmission?


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To replace a windshield wiper transmission, first remove the windshield wiper arm, remove the air inlet cowl panel, disconnect the wiring connector from the wiper motor, and then remove the whole wiper transmission assembly from the car. Remove the crank arm from the motor, and finally remove the wiper transmission. Install the replacement.

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Remove the wiper arm finish cap and its fasteners, flip up the wiper blade assembly away from the windshield, and remove the wiper arms from the pivots. At the windshield's edge, remove the screws found on the cowl panel and ones under the hood. Finally, remove the cowl trim panel after disconnecting the washer hose. Detach the washer hose and disconnect the battery's negative cable.

Unscrew the nuts attaching the wiper motor assembly to the car, and finally remove the whole assembly. Locate the wiper-transmission crank-arm nut at the center of the wiper motor, and remove it so the crank arm can come off the motor. Remove the bolts attached to the linkage assembly, and the wiper motor comes right off.

Install the replacement motor, the crank arm and the crank nut. Reinstall the whole assembly, the cowl panel, the wiper blades, and finally align the arms and tighten the wiper arm's nuts.

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