How Do You Replace Windshield Washer Tubing?

Replacing windshield wiper tubing requires finding the pump outlet, measuring the length of the tubing, and cutting and fitting the appropriately sized hose. The hose material used to do this is made from the same rubber as vacuum lines and can be ordered by the foot at standard home improvement shops.

The washer hose connects to the windshield washer pump and routes along the engine bay to the hood. The route depends on the type of vehicle. Some cars and trucks will have a cowl mounted to the hood which blocks access to the windshield wiper nozzle. In these special cases, the cowl will also need to be removed. The following instructions list how to properly route a windshield washer hose:

  1. Open the hood and find the hose

    Open the hood and pay attention to the way the existing hose is routed. Mark where the entrance and exit nozzles are mounted.

  2. Remove the hose

    Grab firmly on the hose that is connected to the nozzle and pull it off. The rubber may have never been removed and may require some force to pull off. Do the same on the other side.

  3. Compare length

    Compare the length of the old hose with the new one. If the replacement is too long, shorten it.

  4. Attach the hose

    Attach the new hose to the washer pump and nozzle on the hood. Be sure to connect it the same way it was originally mounted.