How Do You Replace Windows in a Jeep Wrangler?


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Although replacement instructions for windows in a Jeep Wrangler vary depending on the Wrangler model, the window manufacturer and the door manufacturer, most products allow you to swap windows without tools in less than 30 minutes. Plastic Jeep Wrangler windows can crack and yellow with age, so Jeep owners often replace these windows with glass.

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To install a glass slider window inside a soft-top factory door, insert the front pin of the new glass window into the door insert located at the top of the lower portion of the door. While sliding the window into place, align the other two pins with the factory door insert. Make sure the window is secure by closing the door and checking for gaps between the window and the Jeep body. If there are any gaps, slide the window back and forth within the factory door until the window aligns with the door.

Grab the latch hook, and slide the pins of the hook into the latch handle. Insert one pin at a time to avoid breaking the pins, and once both pins are in place, push the latch hook until it slides into place. Open the window by pressing the release button and sliding the window to the side.

Jeep Wranglers made from 1987 through 1995 don't have the spaces to accommodate pins that hold the glass window in place. The manufacturer should include a plastic strip that slides into the channel of the soft-top door, which then allows you to install the glass window by sliding it into place and joining the glass window snap with the snap on the factory door.

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